Why are people surprised by Louis C.K.?

It doesn’t really make sense. On Saturday Night Live’s 40th season finale, comedian and FX Series star of “Louie” shocked the audience and the social media world with a 9-minute monologue revolved around racism and child molesters, among other things.

Has anyone ever seen an episode of “Louie”? Better yet, has anyone ever seen just 5 minutes of any stand-up he has ever done? C.K. is trademarked as one of comedy’s dark and edgy heroes. He has never shied away from controversial bits (much like whom I think he followed; George Carlin), and he never will.

Rants aside, a lot of people had problems with C.K. and his delivery.

Perhaps him saying “Child molesters are very tenacious people,” was too much. Maybe him saying he has ‘mild’ racism due to being from the 70s was in bad taste. Either way, a comedian gets a lot of use out of the 1st Amendment, as they should. Come on people, it’s funny if you lighten up. And if it’s a serious topic, do something about it rather than attacking the comedian who pointed the problem out in the first place.