This kid’s achieved more in 11 years than most in a lifetime

Do you ever have those moments where you just want to give up on everything? No?
Well, you’re about to.


11-year-old Tanishq Abraham, graduated from American River College (yes, college) with not one, not two, but THREE degrees.
This is all happening just a year after he graduated from high school, at the age of ten.
This boy is seriously amazing. He says he wants to be doctor, medical researcher AND president and he has more than enough time to prepare for that.

“The assumption is that he’s the all-time youngest,” American River College spokesman Scott Crow told NBC News. “But we don’t have all the archives to completely confirm. He was definitely the youngest this year.”
His mother said that Tanishq had always been advanced and that “it just went from there.”
Tanishq said he enjoyed his one-year college experience, saying that some classmates were “intimidated,”(rightfully so) others “were really happy there was a kid in their class.”
All jokes aside, Congratulations Tanishq!