The king (of the jungle) is dead, enrages public

Cecil the Lion, a well-loved symbol of Zimbabwe, who was part of a research project by Oxford University, was killed on July 6th. He was recently discovered by researchers, skinned and beheaded after they tracked the missing lion’s GPS collar.

After less than a month of investigation, it was learned that Minnesota dentist, Walter Palmer, paid approximately $50,000 for the hunt. However, officials in Zimbabwe claim Cecil was poached. Knowing that he had to be lured out of the park in which he lived and that the hunters tried to destroy the GPS collar afterward, it’s a pretty safe bet that this wasn’t legal. It turns out that it’s not the dentist’s first time on the wrong side of the law when it comes to hunting animals.

People around the world were outraged by the alleged poaching.

Upset about the poaching of Cecil, an emotional Jimmy Kimmel said that he does not believe a witch hunt for Palmer is the answer. Instead, he called for animal lovers to donate to Wildlife Conservation Research Unit at Oxford University.

While many others would prefer a more… interesting solution.