The evolution of the Hollywood male heartthrob

By Megan Chase
Not every sex symbol is the same and over time, we have seen the evolution of the “Hollywood Hunk.” While Hollywood has always been known for it’s good-looking citizens, what females consider being “attractive” has certainly changed over the years. Chiseled abs and strong jawlines are still very much present, but the introduction of “geek chic” to the scene made way for a multitude of different heartthrobs.

The Charming Heartthrob

Think, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Daniel Craig. A suave demeanor with an air of cockiness, this type of heartthrob is considered to be the stereotypical view of what women want. Aside from the physical, confidence is the key factor in what makes these men most attractive.

The Awkward Heartthrob

Portrait Of Actor Michael Cera
These guys are so polite it’s painful to the point of being awkward. Despite this, they still emit confidence because they are sure of themselves, but haven’t quite worked out how to deal with people just yet. Michael Cera and Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider Man, both prime examples of the new “Geek Chic” heartthrob. Forget about the nice guys finish last malarkey – these guys are genuinely decent and caring people.

The Brooding Intellectual Heartthrob

Ah, the brooders – Marlon Brando did it back in the day and Ryan Gosling is doing it now. They deliver intense, silent stares and you’re always wondering what they’re thinking, but you bet it’s intelligent. The flip side to this heartthrob is they can come off as distant, disinterested, and a bit rude.

The Teen Heartthrob

Robert Pattinson (aka Edward Cullen from the series Twilight) and Justin Bieber have hoards of young girls screaming for them everywhere they go – even shopping malls. The Beatles, The Backstreet Boys and N*SYNC did it back in their day, with all three examples reducing girls around the world to tears at the mere sight of them. This heartthrob is only attractive to young girls as this type of heartthrob is normally obsessed with their love interest, willing to devote their lives to satisfying them and making them happy. While grown women may find this amount of affection a little, well, creepy, it appeals to the young romantic in some women.

The one thing all of these heartthrobs have in common is their confidence in their own self. They are who they are and make no apologies for it.