Target takes aim at gendered signage

Signs that tell you where things are located are great when you’re shopping.

Well, mostly. One bit of signage that recently came under fire are the signs for “Girls’ Building Sets” in Target’s toy section.

Target listened and has announced it will be removing gendered signage in the toys and children’s bedding sections.

Many people are upset about Target’s decision.

In fact, consumers have stated they will no longer be shopping at Target.

Well… this is awkward. Remember when the Supreme Court of the United States said banning gay marriage is unconstitutional and people said they were moving to Canada, where gay marriage has been legal for a decade? It turns out both Walmart and Toys R Us removed gendered signage in their stores years ago as well.

Don’t worry, parents, it turns out the best resource for finding what toys your kids want is still here. Just ask your children what they want.