Taco Bell completes the drunk circle, sells booze

Taco Bell as a company has always been ahead of the fast-food game and now I am convinced the brain trust within the company has a strong idea of what to aim for in the future.
One Taco Bell location in Chicago has begun serving alcohol alongside the rest of the regular menu. You can start the slow clap now.

Now, those are mean words. I mean, you may always end up on the toilet after eating some of their questionable beef, but at least it tastes pretty good going down. (Coming up is a whole different story.)


This particular location will be getting a makeover to look similar to the Asian Taco Bell restaurants that serve alcohol, including added artwork, exposed brick walls, and new seating. Basically trying to appeal to yuppies and hipsters that think they are above the dollar menu despite what their wallets say. Anyways I can only see good things coming from this beautiful marriage of food and booze.