Rick Perry

Rap for the kids today: Rick Perry all the way!

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry recently announced his presidential intentions in what we’re guessing he thought was a memorable way.
Perry took the song “Answer to No One,” by Colt Ford and featuring JJ Lawhorn (an already cringy Rap-Country hybrid) and had Rick Perry themed lyrics inserted in.
Let me just say, as a ‘youth of America’, this is one of the most cringe-worthy things I have ever encountered. I can already imagine my former classmates exclaiming about how great this song is….

“Rick Perry supporter, let’s protect our border,” the rap part says. “To hell with anyone who don’t believe in the USA, Rick Perry all the way.” Definitely the hip stuff GOP teens are diggin’ now-a-days.

“I won’t back up. I don’t back down. I been raised up. To stand my ground. Take my job. But not my gun. Tax my check till I ain’t got none. ‘Cept for the good Lord up above. I answer to no one,” the country part says.

Only time will tell if this ‘hick-hop’ will influence his chances of getting the presidential nomination. You can hear the song playing as he walks on stage below.