Pro surfer punches shark right in the kisser

Sharks are getting bolder and bolder everyday it seems. In the most recent attack, pro surfer Mick Fanning was attacked during a competition in South Africa.


This dude is seriously a BADASS. I mean, who actually punches a shark and lives to tell the tale? Mick is a 3 time World Champion surfer so it wouldn’t be a stretch to say he was made to survive in the ocean.
I would even go so far as to say that Mick is obviously the king of the ocean, a Poseidon in his own right. This shark was obviously trying to challenge him for the crown and was quickly put in its place. All challengers beware of King Fanning.
In other shark related news, during Monday’s broadcast of “Fox & Friends, Brian Kilmeade first implied that sharks might be more intimidated by surfers and cameras than mere swimmers. Kilmeade then said he thought that sporting events such as this should have a shark removal team of some kind.
“You would think that they’d have a way of clearing the waters for a competition of this level,” Kilmeade said. “But I guess they don’t.”

I’m not sure what a good response to that would be, however he is right about one thing: there are less sharks in the water now because of humans.
While sharks are very scary, the ocean is their home. There are plenty of precautions you can take to avoid shark attacks, and as Mick did, punching a shark is one way to make it let go of you.
Either way, I am happy Mick is safe(and preparing to go back into the water for ANOTHER competition) and hope that the human/shark beef will end soon.