P. Diddy, you kettlehead…

Rapper, actor and producer P. Diddy (and for you older folk, the artist formerly known as Puff Daddy) has let everyone know that he is still as tough as he was in his youth. The artist got in a fight Monday with his son’s football coach at UCLA and was arrested for a variety of charges.

According to witnesses, the rapper allegedly swung a kettle ball weight at an intern restraining him from attacking the coach again. Said coach was allegedly yelling at Diddy’s son, which would make sense because he is a football player.

I thought the thug life was over Diddy? Like they always say you can take the kid from the thug but never the….never mind. Anyways, Diddy has been transferred to LA County Jail.
Fans are finding this pretty hilarious, as P. Diddy has not really been in the headlines for anything else recently.

We know your son is rap royalty but he’s just like the rest of us. Relax a little and let the coach do his job. Clearly Diddy hasn’t given enough space to the Bruins or his son if he is aptly named “Helicopter Dad” for hovering over football practices.