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One Direction surprises fans with new single, top international charts

British boyband One Direction have had quite a few ups and downs this year. Between rumors of Louis Tomlinson having a child and Zayn Malik completely leaving the band, many fans were worried that these instances meant the beginning of the end for the group.
However, One Direction ‘Beyonce’ed’ their fans and dropped a surprise song, leaving them overjoyed that their favorite group would be continuing as four (coincidentally, the title of their last album with Malik in the group). The song is titled “Drag Me Down.”

Now, it might be just me, but the title seems as if it could be aimed at their former member. However, Malik complemented the song, showing no ill regard towards them. Malik recently signed with RCA Records despite claiming to leave the group to be a regular person.

The song hit #1 in 82 countries, showing how huge the One Direction fan base still is.

I can only imagine the mayhem that will ensue once 1D eventually decides to call a quits. Thankfully, there are rumors of an upcoming tour, meaning the utter mayhem that will occur will be put off for a little while longer.