On-air shooting takes place in Virginia

The morning of Wednesday, August 26th started like any other for WDBJ reporter Alison Parker and her friend and cameraman, Adam Ward. They were live with a segment from Bridgewater Plaza when they were shot and killed on-air.

As Ward fell, he captured their attacker on camera. He was their former co-worker, Vester L. Flanagan, who went by Bryce Williams when he was working as a reporter before being fired.

Shortly after the murder, Flanagan posted a video of his perspective of the killing on both Facebook and Twitter. He had also sent a 23-page manifesto to WDBJ calling himself a powder keg. Flanagan also mentioned that this was his response to Dylann Roof’s call for a race war after Roof murdered nine people in Charleston, SC earlier this year.

After a brief car chase, Flanagan crashed and was found with life-threatening injuries. He later died at the hospital of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Alison Parker’s boyfriend, WDBJ anchor Chris Hurst, posted a series of tweets in remembrance.

WDBJ held a moment of silence during their Thursday morning broadcast to remember Alison and Adam.

Parker and Ward will be remembered through the scholarship that is being set up in their names.

Our thoughts are with their friends, families, and everyone at WDBJ.