Man swallows fingerprints along with his fingertips (…)

Some people will do anything to stay out of prison but we here at TheSkinnyBuzz haven’t seen anything to the likes of this. A 20-year-old Florida man bit off and then ate his fingertips in an attempt to avoid being identified. That’s right, bit off and ATE the skin of his fingers.

Kenzo Roberts, 20, is seen on surveillance video gnawing his fingers, chewing and then swallowing as he sits in the back of a patrol car. He allegedly stole a Mercedes and was in possession of a fake ID, three fake credit cards and a concealed firearm.
His last ditch attempt to avoid identification obviously failed as his fingerprints showed up in the system for another crime. I think this is super funny, in a morbid way. It’s kind of like a wild animal stuck in a trap chewing off its leg to escape.
Warning: This clip is gross, but once you start watching you can’t look away.