Ladies won big at the 2015 BET Awards

The 2015 BET Awards took place on in Los Angeles, CA on Sunday, 28th, honoring African Americans in the fields of sports and entertainment. The ladies were the big winners of the evening. It was a great night for many, such as Nicki Minaj who earned several top honors.

While Janet Jackson took home the Ultimate Icon: Music Dance Visual Award and was honored in dance tribute.

And even teen star Zendaya had a great night, even if she didn’t take home any awards.

However, it wasn’t a great night for everyone. We were all a little sad to learn that when Rihanna threw a massive stack of cash in the face of BET President of Programming Stephen Hill, it was just a promo for her new single.

But we all got a laugh when P. Diddy fell into a hole on the stage,

… which prompted an important question.

Not to worry, Kanye didn’t have a great week either, embarrassing himself with a terrible cover of Bohemian Rhapsody at the Glastonbury Festival on Saturday. What would Freddie Mercury have thought about the attempt? I’m glad you asked.