Happiest place on Earth could cost your soul

Disneyland is known as the happiest place on Earth, however, after recent price increases this might not be as true for your wallet.

The first of the changes eliminates the Premium Pass. It is being replaced by the Signature Passport and Signature Passport Plus. The plus version allows you to go whenever you want to the park except the holidays and other peak days(you know, the days you want to spend there most of all). Both passes feature free PhotoPass downloads which is sweet. While the Premium Pass was $779 the new Signature Pass is $849 and the Signature Pass Plus is $1049.

So basically you’re paying more for less, which always sucks.
The Disney World passes also went through some price changes: Florida Residents can buy Gold Passes and Silver Passes. The gold pass is $549.00 and includes limited blackout dates such as the weeks of Spring Breaks and the December holiday. The Silver Pass, which also blackouts most of summer, is available for $389.

I LOVE Disneyworld. It is one of the best places to be but, these prices are just ridiculous.

Not only did these prices changed occur but the parks are also closing several rides and changing some of the shows. It’s not nice, but people will still pay to go to the park so they can charge whatever they want.