Donald Trump gets 50,000 mixed responses in Twitter Q&A

Monday morning Donald Trump hosted an “#AskTrump” twitter Q&A and the results were definitely not pretty, but they were oh so entertaining as you’d expect. Twitter reported to having over 50,000 #AskTrump tweets in six hours on Monday morning.

Despite being the front runner for the Republican nomination, Twitter had a lot of negative things to say to Trump. I’m pretty sure Twitter HQ had a multiple-person team filtering out the thousands of negative tweets. Some of them were funny and some were just downright mean.

Trump was recently under fire for his response to an anti-Muslim question taken at one of his rallies. The person asking the question implied that the Muslims in this country were a problem and that Obama was one of them while Trump seemingly nodded in agreement.


Trump did answer a few of the serious questions and seemed to enjoy himself.

Will Trump be the next president of the United States? Only time and a lot more name-calling will tell.

Image Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk