Did the Rock find a fallback profession?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson ‘rock’ed one of his friend’s world when he surprised him by officiating his marriage! Nick Mundy and The Rock have shared an epic bromance as shown in the video below. So when it came down to it, of course he would do the ceremony.

To set it all up, Nick was told he was simply interviewing The Rock. Meanwhile, Nick’s parents (flown in from Texas), two of his friends, Dilara’s (his fiancé) mother, cousins and aunt all were brought into the makeshift chapel. The staff of Screen Junkies (who Nick works under) also messed with Nick a little to make the surprise a little more, well, surprising. The ceremony was obviously successful and Nick’s reaction to the whole thing was super cute. The Rock even held his hand and walked him down the aisle. Best kind of story to tell any future children.

This could be a new business endeavor for The Rock….”Rockin’ Weddings”….”Can You Smell What The Rock is Officiating?” Someone stop me.