CNN up in arms over Buttplug Flag

News reporters have to be very careful when covering breaking news because one slip up can lead to major embarrassment. One reporter for CNN is learning this the hard way after mistakenly identifying a flag being flown during the London Pride parade.

During the parade, this flag was spotted and the reporter claimed it was an ISIS flag, talking about it for an entire segment.

Now, I understand the need to be vigilant, but this is just too much. The fact that ‘script’ on the flag was made up of sex toys only makes this story funnier. The reporters are so serious reporting you can’t help but wonder if it was meant to be a satirical story.

Nice….lol Obviously no one at CNN has ever seen sex toys….not that I have….I’ve just seen pictures….lmao

Posted by Debra Russell Hart on Monday, June 29, 2015

Mhm, sure Debra. Anyways, this is just as good as when members of the Tea Party were referred to as ‘Teabaggers’. *Cue middle school boys laughing*
You can check out part of the news clip (CNN took the full video off the site) below!