Chris Brown bails as host in LGBT community event

Chris Brown is known for not being the sharpest crayon in the box but his latest shenanigans has the world collectively shaking its head.
Brown was supposed to be announcing an artist at a LGBT event on Saturday but cancelled – allegedly because there would be gay men present.

Luckily, the event was able to recover by contacting singer Fetty Wap who gladly filled in for Brown. The logical part in me wants to believe what Brown later tweeted about not knowing he was booked for the event but part of me could believe the other explanation. Accounts of the event claim Brown refused to enter the mostly lesbian filled party because of the handful of gay men in the mix.

Brown’s track record is not the most spotless, however, the star has changed since his assault on then girlfriend Rihanna. He has a daughter and recently did not do more than post a photo of a woman who broke into his house and damaged a large amount of his property.
Maybe this was just a misunderstanding, but only time will tell when dealing with Chris Brown.