Chipotle 4 life!

For some people Chipotle Mexican Grill is literally life. But….sometimes people take things a little too far.
Meet Mark Rantal. He recently celebrated 100 days of eating at Chipotle.

Yesterday was my 100th day in a row eating Chipotle! I’m currently doing a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) and am on the…

Posted by Mark Rantal on Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mark has been very humble with his newly earned Chipotle fame. He doesn’t have much reasoning for why he has done it, beyond a love of the food.
You may be thinking, “Holy hell, how does someone manage to eat 100 days of Chipotle?” Well…someone has him beat.
Andrew Hawryluk has eaten Chipotle for 153 days straight and has the receipts to prove it. The 23-year-old from Los Angeles began documenting his journey on his website, Chipotlife, posting photos of each meal and receipt.
For Andrew, the task began after he decided in February to “not” give up Chipotle for Lent – referring to as “Chipotlent.” The initial 46-day streak started off as an innocent joke with a text sent to his brother, Nick.
Andrew also says the diet has not affected his weight at all. He did say, however, it made his bad cholesterol go up and strangely made his overall cholesterol go down. ChipotScience for you.
chipotle abs

I just don’t understand how they are able to physically stomach it. Every time I eat Chipotle I get wicked gas (sorry, TMI) and generally regret my life choices for a few hours. Both Andrew and Mark have spent over $700(Andrew’s bill has reached $1,500) on Chipotle.

Either way, congrats(?) are in order for sticking to something for so long. I’m sure your Chipotle eating skills will come in handy one day.