Bernie Sanders gains more notoriety on TV

By Laney Portelance
This past summer seemed to be a Clinton-a-thon, with Hillary stealing the spotlight on all the major news networks, talk shows, and comedy programs. However, now that campaigns for the 2016 presidential race are in full swing, and especially now that Sanders has had his time on the CNN debate stage, some pretty famous people have taken notice of the independent senator from Vermont.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Recently, The Daily Show has been talking a lot about Bernie, and generally, he gets the lighthearted, goofy jokes, whereas the more cutting satire is directed at Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert


On September 18th, Stephen Colbert invited Bernie on The Late Show and joked that he doesn’t understand why Bernie won’t take the word “socialist” as an insult.


Saturday Night Live


On Saturday, October 17th, SNL aired a ten-minute satire of the DNC debate from the previous week. Bernie Sanders was played by Larry David, who insisted he wasn’t part of “the billionaire class” due to his ownership of one pair of underwear.




On October 15th, Ellen Degeneres sat down with Senator Sanders to talk about his policies, but not before he danced a little to his opening song, Burn Baby Burn.


Bill Maher


On October 16th, Maher likened Sanders’ popularity to that of Mick Jagger, tried to help him un-demonize the word “Socialism,” and outright endorsed him for president.