Amazon’s work culture comes under fire

There are many reasons people prefer to shop at Amazon. You have a wide selection to choose from, the prices are great and, frankly, you can do all your shopping without putting on pants. Many also considered it a moral alternative to shopping at Wal-Mart – a company constantly plagued with ethics issues. But, as it turns out, Amazon might not be a great alternative after all.

An exposé published by The New York Times citing the poor treatment of employees has left many with questions and concerns.

So, is it true?

According to CEO Jeff Bezos – no.

In an email to employees on Sunday, Bezos called for employees to report “stories” like those described in the article to HR. Probably not the best wording, considering how individuals described being devalued by their former employer.

Here’s hoping that this really is Amazon of the past. Though, to some, it doesn’t matter either way.

Image Source: http://www.fastcompany.com