Adriana Grande wins donut licking contest against no one

Ariana Grande is known for her sweet disposition and cute mannerisms. However, it seems America’s little sweetheart has a bit of a nasty side.
According to employees at Wolfee Donuts in Lake Elsinore, California, Grande and three companions came into the store wanting to buy six donuts. Grande kept requesting ones from the back and when the employee went back, she is shown licking(and apparently spitting on) some of the donuts.

Somewhere in the video, she also said she hated America and released the following statement on her twitter.

I’m just grossed out…. why would you lick random donuts? According to the store, people were sold the donuts with the Grande specialty sauce on them. This was a super immature thing to do and despite looking very young, Grande is old enough to know better.

Check out the video below!