Will Homer and Marge’s divorce break ‘The Simpsons’?

For a cartoon sitcom, there sure seems to be a lot of drama surrounding The Simpsons lately. In an upcoming episode of the show, Marge and Homer will be getting legally separated.

Executive producer Al Jean reveals what will cause Marge to finally have enough of Homer when “The Simpsons” kicks off its 27th season. Do you think the cartoon couple’s legal separation will lead to divorce?

Posted by Comic Book Resources on Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Of course, when the citizens of the internet got wind of this, they handled in typical fashion… by totally. freaking. out.

Wait, wait, wait… back up there. What was that last bit?

It turns out that Sideshow Bob will finally get his chance to kill Bart if only temporarily, during this year’s Halloween episode. Honestly, at this point I can’t tell if producers are desperately trying to draw viewers back in to the show…

… or they’re trying to get us to leave on our own. Only time will tell if upcoming events and the change of cast end up reviving the show.