7 signs you may not be cut out for the rock star life

The life of a rock star is not suited for many. In my 13 years of playing in bands (7 of them touring the lonely roads of the U.S.), I came to realize I was in love with the dream of being a rock star, but I definitely did not want to live that kind of life past the age of 30. As much as I miss sweating on stage and singing/screaming with strangers that know your words, I am so… so… so much healthier now. And by healthier I mean both physically and spiritually.
Don’t get me wrong that period is still considered the most exciting part of my life –it’s just not sustainable for me. Everyone is different, but here are a few signs that might indicate you should stick to acoustic guitar with your loved ones or in your bathroom rather than all over the country.

1. If you’re OD’ing left and right because you can’t handle your substances you have two choices:

build some willpower and tough it out or accept the fact you fold like a lawn chair under peer pressure. Burning out early as a rock star was a weird cryptic fantasy of mine for a minute, but I rather just live a long and fulfilling life at this point.

2. If you’re a light sleeper you might not be fit for the road.

However spooning your bandmates in a van on the side of HWY 1 is one of those experiences you should try cuz if you’re touring, it’s gonna happen one day.

3. You’re an honorable guy/gal.

You want to have an honest, monogamous relationship with your loved one. Well, both of you better be made of steel because it’s tough on both ends. Even a mediocre musician with low-to-average looks can pull some tail at the bar with the right combo of music and booze.

4. You like and appreciate your privacy.

Well, sucks to be you because your bandmates will learn more about you than your significant other. AND… if you do ever become a world-beating rock star, that privacy goes right out the window along with the paparazzi’s camera.

5. You take critics and fan input way too seriously.

This is your art! If they don’t like it they can GTFO.

6. Being on the road for months at a time (even while sleeping in hotels) is taxing.

Unless you really are the lone wolf you portray your rock star self to be, it can get depressing – random hookups sounds fun but it kind of gets old, ya know? If you don’t agree, then maybe you should live in the spotlight forever…

7. You lack discipline for yourself.

You can’t help but stop at Whataburger in Texas or In-N-Out in California whenever you drive by one. Also, candy. If one of your bandmates gets gas and comes out with candy, it’s hard to say no. So you either implement a workout, or gain that has-been weight like any respectable aging rocker would do.