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10 ways the Internet is avenging Cecil the Lion

You can’t kill a protected celebrity lion in Zimbabwe without the Internet reacting. Let’s see where Dr. Walter Palmer is after luring Cecil out of an animal sanctuary, shooting him with a crossbow, and taking a selfie with his carcass after 40 hours of torment.

lion killer


Causing enough global outrage to convince Zimbabwe’s government to extradite Dr. Palmer.
lion vigil


Forcing Dr. Palmer’s business into closure after activists released his contact information and created a #CatsLivesMatter memorial in front of his dental office.
Delta lion


Taking down carrier airlines that allowed worldwide shipments of hunter’s bounty as freight.
lion beanie baby


Ensuring Cecil the lion lives forever by launching a Beanie Baby fundraiser that pledged all funds to the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit in Oxford.
New Yrk lion


Spreading awareness of endangered animals by spotlighting Cecil on NY’s most famous landmark.
Sharon lion


Getting celebrities to colorfully call out stupidity.


Reaching 1 million signatures on a petition calling on Zimbabwe to end trophy hunting.
Arnold S. memes lion


Creating fantastic Schwarzenegger memes to bring awareness.
big game hunters


Publicly calling out big game hunters so that lines won’t be crossed again.


And last but not least, getting Lion King animator Aaron Blaise on board to create a beautiful digitally rendered memorial to Cecil the lion.